Walter Rizzo
shawms, breton oboe, tarota, musette, hurdy-gurdy

A player of hurdy-gurdy, bombarde and French bagpipes, since 1985 Walter Rizzo has played folk music, particularly that of centre of France and Brittany founding the group “Le Saut du chat dorè”.
Spurred by a passion for research he fell in love with ancient instruments, beginning to construct prototypes of the musette (French bagpipes). Today he is the principle maker of these instruments in Italy.
In 1993 he joined “Piva dal carner” which play music of the Emilian Appenines and which won the critical prize of magazine Folk Bulletin.
He is one of the founders of the folk group “BEV” with whom he worked until 2000, in which year he began work with the ensemble “Picotage” playing French Christmas carols.
He has also been active in the field of ancient music of the Medieval and renaissance periods.
Since 1998 he has also been an integral part of Musica Officinalis of Faenza and has also worked with “Laus Veris” (Assisi),”Clamor et gaudium” (Udine), “Euganeus Consort” (Monselice).
He has also collaborated with the “Consort Veneto”, under G. Toffano, “La Compagnia dell’anticobone” (Reggio Emilia”, “Concentus Euganeus” (Este), “La Compagnia dell’Asino che porta la croce” (Modena).
He perfected the French hurdy-gurdy under Mon. Jean Francois “Maxou” Heintzen. He holds seminars on French bagpipe, throughout Italy.
“La pegra a la mateina la bela e la sira la bala”, Piva dal Carner (1995)
“Virtus Asinaria”, Compagnia dell’Asino che porta la Croce” (1995)
“M’han presa”, Piva dal Carner (1997)
“Radio Freccia”, original soundtrack, Ligabue (1998)
“Apotropaica”, Bev (1999)
“Aqua Mater”, Musica Officinalis (2000)
“Noel nouveau est venu”, Picotage, (2001)
“Siro Yerk – musiche dei Balkani e del vicino oriente”, Musica Officinalis (demo, 2004)
“Amorei – d’amore e di passione”, Musica Officinals (2004)
"Sedjanki -songs around the fireplace", music from the Balkans and the Near East. Musica Officinalis 2006
With Musica Officinalis:
“Arcipelaghi sonori”, Comune di San Cesario sul Panaro (2004)
Fanatico dell’Azienda e uso alla medicina ("confermo!"(Pierino))