Roberto Romagnoli
duf, tapan, djembè, darbouka, riqq, oudu drum, triangolo

Roberto Romagnoli graduated in literature at the University of Bologna and began study of percussion under the master Ettore Bonafè, joining the groups “Il parto delle nuvole pesanti” (1992) e la “Compagnia dell’asino che porta la croce” (1994).
Established as a jester, in 1995 he attended the Antoni Fava “International school of comic activity”.
At the same time he occupied himself with the construction of frame drums in the Southern Italian and Mediterranean tradition and other different drums. This research has led to his becoming now one of the most original constructors in the sector.
Since 1998 he has worked on the technique of frame drums and on rhythm under the master Michael Metzler who introduced him to the Indian method. This supervision took him to the “Maruthi Kalari, centre for art and culture” in southern India where he studied rhythm in Indian music. Further trips of study, bring him to improve the techniques on djembè in Senegal with the masters Mamadou Lamine Diedhiou and Zakama Dit Ziggy Sanè and the technique on tapan (a Bulgarian traditional drum) with the master Genadii Rashkov.
Founded in 1992 the ensemble Musica Officinalis is concerned with medieval ethnic and folk music. Since 2001 he has been in charge of the Progetto Scuola for the Musica Officinalis and conducts drum and rhythm seminars throughout Italy. Since 2002 ha has collaborated with l’Ass. Cult “La Scuola Interiore” in the area of the Val Marecchia as musical educationalist.
He works as an actor in the Nuovo Teatro Popolare of Ravenna and is active in several concerts and shows throughout Italy and abroad.

“Alisifare”, Il Parto delle Nuvole pesanti (1992)
“Virtus Asinaria”, Compagnia dell’Asino che porta la Croce (1995)
“Aqua Mater”, Musica Officinalis (2000)
“Siro Yerk – musiche dei Balkani e del vicino oriente”, Musica Officinalis (demo, 2004)
“Amorei – d’amore e di passione”, Musica Officinalis (2004)
"Sedjanki -songs around the fireplace", music from the Balkans and the Near East. Musica Officinalis 2006
With Musica Officinalis: “Arcipelaghi sonori”, Comune di San Cesario sul Panaro (2004)

“Risvegli”, soundtrack, Ass. “La Scuola interiore” (2003)