Massimo La Zazzera
recorders, chalumeaux, bansuri, cialamello, piva emiliana, bouzouki

A player of flute, guitar and bagpipes Massimo La Zazzera has spent several years researching in the field of popular music, travelling from the medieval period to the present day: ancient music, Celtic, traditional eastern European, from the Mediterranean basin, particularly southern Italy through to today’s singer songwriters.
He studied flute with Laurent Claude Masi at the same time forming with other musicians the Follorum Ensemble thus beginning his study of ancient music. Subsequently he joined the groups Ziringaglia with whom he played until December 2003, and until Summer of 2001, “Radicanto” (Southern Italian folk music) and has also played with O’Briens Favourites (Celtic music).
Also more folk music with Rosa Paeda in 1998 at which time Stephane Delicq played two-row melodeon with the group.
Currently he is playing with the ancient music ensemble Calixtinus with whom he took part in the Castle del Monte II project, with French Musician Michel Godard and Musica Officinalis, with the Celtic groups “The Charmin’ Elf, No Man’s Land” and “Kiltartan” and with the “Compagnia Gegè”(theatre and folk music of Southern Italy), all playing in concerts and shows throughout Italy and abroad.
He also played with Alessandro Pipino with a repertoire of music from Barrel Organ and musette.
In 2003 he collaborated with Ceglie Messapica Lodedo and Attilio Turrisi, participating in the projects “Il Grande Racconto” and “Diazeusi e Sinafè” with the renaissance ensemble of music and dance “La Chirintana”.
In 2004 he began collaboration with percussionist Pino Basile as a guest in “Dallaia Allaia” and playing a more integral part in the quartet “Tarandiran”, comprising obviously Zazzera and Basile, the singer Rino Locaritore and Iranian percussionist Mohssen Kaberossafer, he has also recently guested on the disc “In search of Simurgh” by Radiodervish.
In May 2004 he followed a master class in bansuri held by Rakesh Chaurasia and in September that year worked with the ensemble Jani at the Images 04 festival at Vevey, Switzerland playing a live soundtrack to the silent film Zenilja by the Ukrainian director Alexandre Dovjenko playing music composed for the event by Rocco De Santes director of the ensemble.
“Meglio saltimbanco che un rango da curar”, Ziringaglia (1998)
“Echi di gente”, Radicanto (1999)
“Aqua Mater”, Musica Officinalis (2000)
“Terra Arsa - corde pelli e papiri”, Radicanto (2001)
“Castel del Monte II”, Michel Godard (2002)
“Ondas”, Ensemble Calixtinus (2002)
“Stralunando”, Ziringaglia (2002)
“Il grande racconto”, original soundtrack: Mirko Lodedo (2003)
“The Gaelic Club”, Kiltartan (demo, 2003)
“in search of Simurgh”, Radiodervish (2004)
“Siro Yerk – musiche dei Balkani e del vicino oriente”, Musica Officinalis (demo, 2004)
“Amorei - d’amore e di passione”…esplorazione sonora tra musica antica e musica dei popoli, Musica Officinalis (2004)
“Mattino”, The Charmin’ Elf (2004)
“Improvis-à-vis action”, La Zazzera, Lodedo, Basile (2005)
"Sedjanki -songs around the fireplace", music from the Balkans and the Near East. Musica Officinalis 2006
With Ziringaglia:
“Circo Inferno Cabaret”, Santarcangelo dei Teatri – il manifesto (2001). “Matteo Salvatore – La luna aggira il mondo e voi dormite” (libro + CD), Stampa Alternativa (2002). “Corpo di guerra”, Arte Nomade – il manifesto (2002). “Maltese in musica”, (2002)
With Radicanto:
“Tarantula rubra”, (2000). “Musiche dal Mondo – Flauto”, Fabbri (2001).
Con Musica Officinalis:
“Arcipelaghi sonori”, Comune di San Cesario sul Panaro (2004)