Gabriele Bonvicini
hurdy-gurdy, nyckelharpa, saz, bouzouki, voice

After early training in piano, Gabriele Bonvicini studied polyphonic singing of the renaissance under the master Gianni Gucciardini and began his studies of ancient music while training for the “Compagnia dell’asino che porta la croce” with whom he remained until 1997.
At the same time he began studies at ancient and folk instruments, concentrating in particular on the techniques of the hurdy-gurdy.
He broadened his studies into the styles of medieval chant with the master Ulrich Pfeifer, under whose direction he worked with the ensemble “Ad Organum Faciendum”. He also studied at the “School of Gregorian Chant of Cremona” and has attended courses and workshops.
Founded in 1997 the ensemble Musica Officinalis occupies itself with research into the medieval musical repertoire. Playing among other things the hurdy-gurdy, bouzouki, nyckelharpa and saz, studying in particular the hurdy-gurdy and adapting it to the east European repertoire.
Since 2005 he has been studying nyckelharpa with M° M. Ambrosini with whom founds the first school of this instrument in Italy.
He collaborated in the original music for the show ”Comici e capocomici della commedia dell’arte”, by the Compagnia Teatrovivo di Cotignola (RA) and on the soundtrack for the film “Risvegli” by the association “Scuola interiore” from Sant’Agata Feltria (PU).
He is training coordinator and takes care of organisational aspects of the association (founded in 1998) and of the school project, and is also responsible for the artistic direction of events and shows.

“Virtus Asinaria”
, Compagnia dell’Asino che porta la Croce” (1995)
“Aqua Mater”, Musica Officinalis (2000)
“Siro Yerk – musiche dei Balkani e del vicino oriente”, Musica Officinalis (demo, 2004)
“Amorei – d’amore e di passione”, Musica Officinalis (2004)
“Perdo i pezzi”, Daniele Buzzi, Svizzera (2004)
"Sedjanki -songs around the fireplace", music from the Balkans and the Near East. Musica Officinalis 2006
With Musica Officinalis:
“Arcipelaghi sonori”, Comune di San Cesario sul Panaro (2004)

“Comici e capocomici della Commedia dell’arte”, original soundtrack of the show, Teatrovivo Cotignola (2003)
“Risvegli”, soundtrack, Ass. “La Scuola interiore” (2003)