Catia Gianessi
voice, tamburello, duf, tapan, cimbals

A versatile musician and artist Catia Giannessi began her training early at a school of song and dance.
Interested in the therapeutic aspect of music and art she has attended schools, courses and seminars concerning the use of the body and voice. She studied singing with Luisa Cottifogli and Barbara Valentino with whom she expanded her knowledge of resonating vocals, she practices experimental techniques with Germana Giannini of “Teatro della Voce” and follows the music therapy course Pratiba De Stoppani.
She has studied medieval singing under the master Ulrich Pfeiffer with whom she collaborated in the ensemble “Ad Organum Faciendum”.
Since 1997 she has worked on medieval ethnic and folk music performing in a great number of shows and concerts in Italy and abroad with the ensemble Musica Officinalis of which she is a founder member.
She also devotes time to the frame drums and with teachers Alfio Antico and Igor Niego she studies tamburello (Italian frame drum) techniques in the Sicilian and Salentine tradition.
In 1998 she worked with the master Tapa Sudana doing Indonesian theatrical dance and seminars on the “Sacre danze di Gurdjieff”, tied to the Sufi tradition.
Since 2002 she has studied Indian singing and theatrical dance (Kathakali and Bharathanatyam). At the “Satsangam”centre for arts and culture in southern India, directed by Maryse Noiseaux she studied Indian singing under Dr. Omanakutty director of the Department of Music of the University of Kerala.
Also in India she studied and practised Kalarippayattu (an ancient Indian martial art) at the “Maruthi Kalari”centre for arts and culture in southern India.
Since 2002 she has held meetings and workshops on the use of the body and voice at the home of Musica Officinalis of which she is president. Since then she has collaborated with the London ensemble “Joglaresa”, European project on ancient music directed by Belinda Sykes.
In 2004 she worked with the Association “Pantakin di Venezia” on the choreography for the show.”Lazzaretto Lazzaroni” staged the same year and with The Association for artistic promotion “Arte Ven” participating in the workshop on the regional project “La pista e la scena” looking at the overlap of the theatrical and circus traditions.

“Aqua Mater”
, Musica Officinalis (2000)
“Siro Yerk – musiche dei Balkani e del vicino oriente”, Musica Officinalis (demo, 2004)
“Amorei – d’amore e di passione”, Musica Officinalis (2004)
"Sedjanki -songs around the fireplace", music from the Balkans and the Near East. Musica Officinalis 2006
With Musica Officinalis:
“Arcipelaghi sonori”, Comune di San Cesario sul Panaro (2004)

“Risvegli”, soundtrack, Ass. “La Scuola interiore” (2003)