"Sedjanki - songs around the fireplace"
music from the Balkans and the Near-East
The Balkans and the surrounding lands represent for us an area of notable musical interest. The stimuli coming from the peoples who inhabit these lands are various, but what most fascinates us is the role of osmosis between east and west which these cultures have developed throughout history. For this reason they are not treated as mere conduits lacking their own identity but as a cohesion of diverse cultural fabrics. It is clear how much remains of the great stock of Turkish music in the Balkans and in the bordering zone Areas in which ancient canons set free the communicative energy of this music. As in the most vital popular cultures, our work doesn’t follow a fixed path to “embalm” traditions but proposes an original and creative rereading of them.
> video-clip "Sedjanki" (6,2MB Quicktime)