"amors me fait commencier..."
troubadours and trouvères in XII° and XIII° c.
A concert dedicated to the rich repertoire of poetry in the d'oc and d’oil languages that follows the evolutional phases of this form of art.
From the most famous pieces like “Can vei la lauseta mover" and "Lanqan li jorn" to less famous, mainly of the trouvères from the north of France.
In line with the spirit of interpretation the group revitalises this ancient music blending the traditional and modern, using acoustic instruments. In the case of "Amors me fait commencier" arranged with a poly-rhythmic structure, or of "M'entesio" revisited in the Balkan musical tradition, or "Selh que no vol” where the music reminds to the oriental melodies.
A lot of space is given to improvisation which bestows a vitality and freshness to the concert.