"amorei -d'amore e di passione"
love and passion in the Middle Ages

How not to recognize love as the main source of inspiration for poets and musicians? To face this repertoire we took into consideration different forms of love in medieval lyrics. Especially taking our reference from the large traditions of France and Spain and sometimes the Balkan and Turkish traditions; troubadours and trouvères, Cantigas de Amigo and Cantigas de Santa Maria, sephardic chants, take us on this journey of human passion, friendship, the sense of the divine, joy and suffering. Life’s adventures of men who, inspired by new love in a new land, composed under the urgency of passion, poems and music destined to create a genre.
”Amorei” is a thank you to the essence of love, a yes to the fire of passion which allows the miracle of life to unveil its mysteries, but even more, it is another opportunity to give people music which caresses the soul, soothes the heart and nurtures the imagination.